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Buying and selling diamonds are just a few taps away.

Aksaja Diamonds is the world's premier distributor of wholesale diamonds & loose diamonds. Offering GIA & IGI certified Diamonds.

Buy & Sell Diamonds Online at Best Prices!

As we connect with many suppliers, we have a huge inventory to offer and a wide range to select from.

Natural Diamond

Natural diamonds are created by nature, as a result of intense heat and pressure, formed over the course of billions of years.

Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory, often produced in just a matter of weeks.


We provide some of the characteristics and benefits for those of
you who are registered and connected with us.

Diamond Inventory
Choose from LIVE Diamond Inventory of Natural & Lab-Grown diamonds from sight holders & manufacturers with Images and Videos from different diamond Portal around the world.
24X7 Customer Support
With our service team working 24*7, we provide you with a real-time update and resolve all of your inquiries without any -disruption or downtime.
Trader's Hub
Satisfied all of your demands in one place. Merge all your orders into one Invoice. We'll take care of quality checks to shipping with door-to-door insurance.
Secure Payment
We offer you an electronic payment method for transferring funds by wire transfer, which is the inherently safest way of payment.

Make to Order


Share your Details

Contact our design team to let us know what kind of stone you would like to create. The more detailed your enquiry, the easier we can craft your dream Stone. Once you agree on the details of 4C's, our experts will offer you a quote on your bespoke piece.

Design your item

After settling an Advance payment fee, our specialist will start working on the fine details of your piece. Our experts will start working on the stone which you ask for and make sure you are completely satisfied with the result which matches the 4C's Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity.

Receive your dream stone

This is the part where you can just sit back and relax. Your Specification Details will be sent off to our expert craftsmen in our workshop for completion. The crafting process may take around 10 to 15 days depending on your design. Once ready, we can deliver your item packaged right to your doorstep.


shapes that can make you shine.


How To Buy Diamonds
From Aksaja Diamond Ltd.

1.Place an order / conform your order.
Search & select diamonds from various suppliers with all the details available like Images, videos & certificates and add them to the hold list or confirm orders.
2.Checking and packing
Endeavour the very next day to gather and QC (quick check ). Each and every stone is inspected and hand-checked by a professional gemologist to ensure the quality of the certified and non-certified stones is matching as per its standard. your order is packed and it is ready to be dispatched. .
3.Delivered to your doorstep
Shipment is done with safe and fast export services like BVC FEDEX, BRINKS, MALCA AMIT, UPS. Gaves you a 13 digits unique code to track the live location of the shipment and door-to-door insurance.

Distributor of Wholesale

We are the distributor of wholesale and loose diamonds with IGI/GIA certified in Round/Fancy shapes.

Small Size Loose diamonds

Integrate all of our supplier stock into your website if you have existing Diamond search tool with Images & Videos all under your name & branding. To know more, contact us!

Instant inventory

Instantly transform your business into an online powerhouse and reach more customers, where they are.

Benefits • No investment
• Expand your business
• Never lose a customer
• global access, 24*7
• Easy to use
• Improve client service through great flexibility

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