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Diamond 4c

Before purchasing a diamond, it is important to know the 4 C's of diamonds.
diamond carat



The metric weight of a diamond, the term originating in Ancient Egypt where the very uniform sized carob seeds were used as a measure of weight.

diamond color



Diamond colour is graded on the basis of how white or colourless a diamond is. The GIA grades diamonds on a scale from D-Z; D being the most colourless, and Z containing a noticeable brown or yellow tint. D graded diamonds are significantly more valuable than any other.

diamond clarity



The clarity of a diamond is the third of the Four C’s. Clarity is a measure of the diamond’s freedom from external marks or internal flaws. Internal flaws, known as inclusions, may present themselves as tiny white points, dark dots or feathery cracks within the body of the gem.

diamond cuts



Of all the 4 Cs, cut has the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty. Two diamonds of the same size, colour and clarity will look vastly different to the eye if cut differently – one may look brilliant and bright, the other dull and drab. The better quality the cut the more brilliance and beauty the diamond will have.